Dorico 2.0 Wish List: Right-click in Write Mode

While the Dorico team is in the planning stages of 2.0, I’d like to add my requests for the next update, and they’re big ones for my line of work. In the interest of being more digestible than, say, the 95 Theses on the door at Wittenburg, I’m doing this one post at a time.

Right-Click Options. The more we can do without having to leave our area of focus for a menu, the better. Here are some things I’d love to see in Right-Click:

Playback > Mute, Solo, Highlight (ducks other players by half their volume)
Filter. Man, I wish I could filter items right from the mouse!
Appearance > Scale, Notehead, Stem (which is where you could add stemless notes), Parenthesize
Hide> Dim, Invisible


Great ideas here, love the highlight feature.

Filter from the mouse would be awesome!

It would also be super awesome if there was a way to reduce some of the clicking too. For instance, would it be feasible for the entire filter menu to be available as a sub-menu of both “select only” and “deselect only” (i.e. instead of clicking on “select only” or “deselect only,” which then closes the menu, which then requires re-clicking to open it again, plus one final click on the item one would like to select, why not simply highlight “select only” or deselect only" either of which opens the full menu, and then from there you can click on the item you’d like?).

I’m sure there are a number of other workable methods of reducing clicking, and I’m sure they’re all on the radar, but this is my two cents :slight_smile:

Highlight is a great idea, particularly if it is user definable how much you “duck the other players”.

Good to see Filter in the right-click in Dorico 2!

I dive into new/beta versions like birds dive into plate glass.