Dorico 2.1 crashing when attempting to change appearance of approximate tempo mark with imported MusicXML file

See title. This has happened 3 times in a row, triggering action was in each case attempting to change the appearance of the approximate tempo mark from the menu, which initially led to no response (ie could not select a different item from the menu) and on repetition to the program closing unexpectedly.

Ugh. I’ve just reproduced this with a file that is NOT an imported MusicXML, but now I can’t reproduce it again. Try saving and restarting Dorico - that just worked for me…

In case it’s helpful for the team, there are definitely a couple of crash logs in the attached diagnostics.
Dorico (490 KB)

Quitting and restarting Dorico (ie, without waiting for it to crash) seems to have worked, but I just got another crash whilst trying to adjust the length of a crescendo. Not sure if that had to do with the size of the file (2.5 MB) or just leftover bad juju, since on restarting again, that particular crash can’t be reproduced either.

Naomi, please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the zip file created on your desktop to a reply here, and we’ll take a look at the crash logs.

I hope I did this correctly—tried to create it several times before actually finding it. My desktop is a mess…
Dorico (1.32 MB)

Thanks for the logs, Naomi. All three crashes are in the Qt application framework code that Dorico uses, but I will pass these logs on to the team and see if they can find anything that can be tightened up to help avoid this in future. Sorry for the inconvenience!