Dorico 2.2.1 Articulations for Note Performer

Hi there,
I just got this reply from WI regarding Dorico’s new update (2.2.1) covering a few more articulations for Note Performer:

"Regarding the articulation guide, we need to update it, because Dorico
released the other day version 2.2.1 solving many of these issues.
With Dorico 2.2.1, things that now work include:

  • Trills,
  • All the mutes,
  • Non vib & molto vib.
    The rest, including glissando, doesn’t yet work."

Can you please let me know the timeline for incorporating a few more articulations especially for glissando?
I’m about to make a decision for purchasing the notation software. I like the user friendliness of Dorico compared to Sibelius but I am relying on Note Performer solely. As of now, it performs with more articulations covered (over 50 of them) in Sibelius Ultimate. If I know Steinberg is planning on making a revision in next 6 months to one year to address the rest of the articulations that Note Performer takes advantage of, I can go ahead and purchase it, but I don’t want to keep waiting for a long long time and at the end of the day feeling regretful about my decision.
I appreciate if you can let me know what the plan is for further update in this area.

Thanks a lot.

Unfortunately I can’t commit to a specific timeline for when further features for playback will be added, but of course this is a high priority for us, and glissando playback is a particularly high priority.

Hi there, based on the comparison of playback in Dorico 2.2.1 vs. Sibelius, I decided to buy Dorico. I am looking forward to see the rest of the articulations especially Glissando become available in near future. I know it is hard to commit a specific timeline for future development, but you may have a feel for roughly how long of a wait it will be. Is it matter of a few months, year or two, or more? There are normally plans in place for developments especially in the big companies like Steinberg. Would you be able to check with the development team and give me some sort of idea? I am hoping it will still be part of Dorico 2.x not Dorico 3.

Daniel at Steinberg is the Product Manager for Dorico. He is the head of the development team. If he says there isn’t a specific timeline, there isn’t a specific timeline!

(Or, you know, there is, but it’s really none of our business)

As for your last sentence, arya, I’m afraid it will almost certainly be in Dorico 3, since the cycle for Dorico 2 has ended with this update, or so we were told.

I’m sure Daniel means what he says (so I assume you are kidding).

The timeline for glissando could be particularly difficult to predict since glissandi for instruments such as violin, harp, and piano would all work differently so that troubleshooting might be more protracted than anticipated.

Oh, no, I’m sure Daniel does mean what he says: that he can’t commit to a specific timeline, id est, that no announcement regarding any feature – or, even more critically, the next version of Dorico – will come before they are very certain that it’ll be mature enough to include. We know that this is high priority, and that’s as much as we’re gonna get in the mean time.

On a related note, any chance we’ll be getting a way to set the midi messages NP uses, at least the ones for divisi playback? Like ‘a2’, ‘a3’, etc playing techniques?

Setting that via the play controller lanes is…incredibly awkward, essentially impossible.

You can define your own playing techniques that send MIDI controller messages (which is what controls a2, a3 etc in NP).

I haven’t done it for “a2” etc, but I have done it to change registrations on the NP pipe organ.

Define a new playing technique that references a new playback technique, and then define the playback technique in the Expression Map.

You can’t do this by editing the controller lanes, because there is no way to make a step change in controller value, you can only draw a ramp to change the value.

How? It doesn’t seem possible to actually create a NEW playback technique in the expression map, only various combinations of the ~100 or so existing ones.

You first create the new technique in Engrave/Playing techniques… click on the EDIT button next to where it says Playback Playing Technique, then the + to add a completely new technique. You then reference this technique in the Expression map and tell it what to do (controller 104 value 2 for a2 e.g.)
For the technique to be available in the score and selectable in the popover you also have to populate the Type and Popover Text fields in the Edit Playing Techniques dialog.

Ok, I can create the teqniques and use them in the score but they still aren’t available inside the expression map.

Read Frank’s reply more carefully: you have to create a playback playing technique, which is done by clicking the Edit… button in the Engrave > Playing Techniques button in the lower right area of the dialog, next to the label that says Playback playing techniques.

I grant you that the terminology here could be clearer: we have playing techniques that are the things you can create from the panel on the right in Write mode, and playback playing techniques which are the underlying abstract things that map between the playing techniques you can see and the capabilities of your playback device, i.e. as defined in the expression map.