Dorico 2.2 crashing with Note Performer 3

I have recently imported an XML file from Sibelius Ultimate into Dorico 2.2 (which I have recently started using). There are plenty of occasions when the audio engine does not respond to playback - the line either remains stationary or it responds to playback, but no sound is produced. Typically a loading cursor will appear after I click the transport buttons. It usually appears indefinitely and if I click, the screen whitens and a ‘not responding window’ appears. I have tried adjusting audio preferences and playback options but nothing seems to be working. I don’t suspect its a NotePerformer related problem at this age, having noticed this occurs with all other available plugins. With all this being said, there are a few occasions where the audio and playback is completely responsive and I have no such issue. It should be noted that I am using a trial version of NotePerformer 3, which stops after an hour using its host notation software. I am not sure whether purchasing a NotePerformer 3 licence will troubleshoot this issue - if the limited time frame of the trial version is somehow messing with the audio. I have attached a diagnostic report.

Thanks for taking the time to answer.
Dorico (1.03 MB)

Welcome to the forum, halfdiminished. Have you worked through the recommended troubleshooting steps for playback problems in the “new users start here” thread? Please see here.

Hi halfdiminished, that what you describe sounds similar to what another customer recently reported to me.

But first, the diagnostic report does not contain any crash dumps, usually it picks up anything it finds from the last week.
So when Dorico is not responding anymore, you kill it manually?

When the green line is not moving, have you tried switching the sample rate back and forth in the Device Setup dialog?
Does playback do after that?

You say you click the transport buttons and Dorico does not respond anymore. For the other customer it happens
only when he presses the Stop button. Is that same in your case?

When Dorico freezes next time, would you please create a minidump of the process?
Therefore you need to download and run this utility:
In the list of processes find Dorico.exe, rightclick on it and then choose Create Dump > Create Minidump
Please send the dump to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’.

Yes. I have tried waiting for approximately 10 minutes, which led me to simply exist out of the programme.

Yes, I have tried changing the sample rate.

Yes, it’s only the stop button.

Just sent it.

I have tried manually deleting %APPDATA%\Steinberg\VSTAudioEngine2_64, but I’m unable to find the folder for this on my PC.

In the Windows explorer address bar, type %appdata%.

Yes. Have tried this.

Hmm… maybe you have certain folders hidden by default in the View settings for Explorer?

I exchanged via PM with Halfdiminished, and reapplying the NotePerformer playback template fixed the issue for him.