Dorico 2.2 fails to export fingerings in MusicXML

I just switched to Dorico Pro, in no small part because of its excellent support for inputting fingerings. I prepared a piano and vocal score with piano fingerings but was disappointed to discover that Dorico doesn’t seem to export fingerings to MusicXML. I checked the XML and there’s no element to be found. Unfortunately this defeats the very purpose for which I switched to Dorico, since I need to prepare XML scores with extensive fingerings for my application.

Is this a bug? An oversight? Can it be fixed soon? Many thanks in advance.

Dorico XML export is not currently great, and is not at the top of the priority list for development, I believe. The focus has been on import from XML instead.

I’m sorry to say that as yet MusicXML export is very basic indeed in Dorico. Please see this earlier thread.

Oh no! I understand that it’s only a matter of time, and I’m sure that once it’s properly implemented it will be great. That said, is there any way fingering export can be added to the next minor update? Even partial export is much better than none at all. Since fingerings are direct properties of notes in Dorico, I’m guessing/hoping exporting basic fingerings in XML shouldn’t be overly complicated. Keeping my fingers crossed…

I’m afraid it definitely won’t be possible in the next minor update. I’m really sorry to disappoint you.

Very sorry to hear, but I’m sure comprehensive XML export will come eventually. Hopefully we won’t have to wait all too long. Maybe this discussion will help push it up the list of priorities.