Dorico 2.2 Mixer can only solo/mute VST instrument groups


Dorico 2.2
MacOS 10.14.2

This occurs on every file I’ve created (and I don’t know if it is a new issue with 2.2):

I have a file with some of the built-in HALion virtual instruments and some Kontakt 5 instruments. The playback works fine, except in the mixer only the first instrument in each set is controllable. If I solo or mute the 1st HALion instrument, it controls all the HALion instruments. If I solo/mute the first Kontakt instrument, it controls all the Kontakt instruments. Controlling the other tracks is as if they are silent (mute doesn’t affect playback, solo cuts off all sound). (This also occurs if there is only one VST group.)

For now, my solution is to go into the HALion/Kontakt window and solo/mute from there, but am I missing some set up that routes the channels to the mixer tracks?

Also, this page:

seems to say you can solo/mute tracks on the play window a la a DAW, but I can’t find any M or S like I see on the mixer.
Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 11.06.04.png
Thanks for any help/information.

You have basically the same problem as in this thread:
So please do the same and delete the mentioned HALion Sonic SE folder.

If you are still running HALion Sonic SE 2, please be sure to download and run the “Dorico Playback 2 – HALion Sonic SE 3” installer via Steinberg Download Assistant.