Dorico 2.2 Playback 2 -Orhestra Library

When i open Dorico 2.2 for the first time a windows appear-please run Steinberg Download Assistant and install the package:Dorico playback 2-Orchestra Library.How can this happen as i have not serial number for this library.then cubase pro 10 ask me a serial???Help

You don’t need a serial number for this library - it’s licensed as part of Dorico. Have you run the Steinberg Download Assistant and downloaded and installed that package?

thanks but when i opened cubase ask serial for this library or must unistall it…Someone to help me??

Install it from the Dorico panel, not the Cubase panel.

Do you have the Dorico and Cubase license on the same dongle?
The HSO license is included in the Dorico license.
Cubase then can also make use of the HSO library, but then both, the Cubase and Dorico license must be available at the same time.

something is wrong???