Dorico 2 freezes on play

I am relatively new to Dorico (long term Sibelius user and competent music tech user) but am having an issue on playback.

I think I am setting up sounds correctly via Halion but on playback the program freezes - eventually showing the ‘beach ball of death’. I have tried to follow read advice to submit a diagnostics report but am unable to access the Help menu once the program has frozen.

Any advice much appreciated.

I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems. If you are starting out then in order to get playback all you should need to do is go to Edit > Device Setup and select your device and sample rate, and then if the sounds haven’t been automatically loaded then in Play Mode choose Playback Template and choose the HSSE+HSO Pro or HSSE Elements option.

And you can still create a Diagnostic Report on the next start of Dorico. It will still contain log information from previous runs, plus - if pertinent - crash reports.
So please do create a report and attach here. We are very much interested to see.

I solved the issue by changing the sample rate from 48k to 44k. Many thanks for the support though.

We would like to resolve this issue for future users and so we’d like to find out which soundcard you have. Is this a desktop or a laptop? Is it a standard model (if so, which) or a home-build?