Dorico 2. Graphical Tempo Adjusment. No Changes in Playback

Hi, I am trying out a new Dorico Pro 2. In order to “humanize” a performance I was testing a pencil and line tools in Play section. I used a line tool for gradual tempo changes, but unfortunately these changes don’t take an effect when I am playing my score back. If I use a pencil tool, I was able to draw tempo changes in each bar, any way a window is quite small and cannot be expanded. So it is difficult to achieve a minimal changes with a mouse. Of course I could adjust each point manually, but it would take a lot of time. Does these tools work with scores created in Dorico 2 only? I am on a latest mac OS.
Thank you

Hi Mindaugas,
Creating gradual tempo changes with the line tool seems to be working fine for me - perhaps you can attach a minimal project that isn’t working for you?
For fine-tuning the position of a point in the tempo (or MIDI CC) lane you can press and hold the option/alt key before selecting and dragging the point. This should give you finer control. Similarly, command/ctrl can be used to constrain the direction when dragging.

Also to increase the size of the window there’s a small handle to the left. See here:

Thank you very much for your answers. Actually every Dorico file, I am testing doesn’t response to changes, made with a line tool. I am quite surprised. Just as an example - this little piece for children. As about resizing window, your answer PaulWlamsley was very helpful - thank you! I didn’t see this little black area on a nearly black background:)
Krabbenspaziergang (434 KB)

I’ve just loaded this file and it doesn’t have any tempo changes in it. If I add one with the line tool then it changes tempo as expected.

PaulWalmsley, would you be so kind to check this 2nd file WITH tempo changes again? I am definitely not able to get a tempo difference till 5th bar…After that Dorico works as expected. Is it not a case on your computer?
Krabbenspaziergang Joy with tempo (469 KB)

Aha, you’ve found a small bug. The problem here is that you’ve got a gradual tempo change at the start of the score, but gradual changes only work when there’s a previous immediate tempo change. Try deleting the first gradual change and insert an immediate tempo change at the start.

By the way, if I may kinda barge in: you can push the tempo to what seems like 0 (the numbers drop off from sight, but that’s probably what it is) and it will mess up sequencing. Maybe clip the range?

Thank you Paul for your suggestion, when I start it with a immediate tempo change, gradual tool works after that as well. Any way it is a workaround…Is there some way to use a gradual tempo changes continuously? I mean if I set somewhere a point, is there possible to continue from that point again without creating a new one? When I would like to change a position of that point, I have to deal now with two of them:)

Not in the current implemention. It’s a bit tricky with tempo changes because immediate and gradual changes have different characteristics in terms of how the value ‘sticks’. It’s different with CC changes as they do act in the way you describe.