Dorico 2 no pizz playback

Solo vln piece, I open the shift+p popover and type in pizz and nothing happens. I have searched the forum, but I just can’t seem to follow all the discussions re: expression maps. I just want to have “pizz” actually play back. Is there a very simple instruction on how to do this? BTW, I’m using Halion 2 violin solo. Thanks

Dear Richard,
That is weird. It did work for me with HALion sounds, without messing with expression maps. Is it possible that before that pizz marking, you have another playing technique used on the violin ? If so, try a nat. playing technique somewhere before pizz., it seemed to be the solution when that problem happens.

I’ve noticed (for a jazz bass part), that when writing, the ‘audition’ sound is arco but when you play back the whole score it plays as pizz. I wish it would audition using the appropriate playing technique, but I can live with it. Is the playback in your project arco when you play the whole score, or do we share the same problem?


Thanks for the replies. Somehow, it is now working. Under play, playing techniques it now says ‘pizzicato’ at that spot. Now if I could only get the portamento to work