Dorico 2, NotePerformer 3, and snap pizz


I have a question about the behavior of pizz. and snap pizz. (aka bartók pizz) in Dorico.
I used double bass as a test case.
When I go from acro to pizz and back again, the sound switches appropriately.
But when I go from arco to snap pizz and back, the sound switches to the pizz but not back to arco.

Is this an issue with Dorico 2 not turning off this articulation, as is the case is with natural harmonics?


Yes, Dorico has some special case handling for going between arco and pizz., but this doesn’t extend to other techniques like snap pizz. You will need to use an otherwise redundant “nat.” technique (which you can hide if you wish) to perform the reset.

Thank you for the quick reply. Using “nat” is no problem, just wondering.

I tried your suggestion of inserting a “nat.” articulation, but that did not successfully cancel the snap pizz. Based on the NotePerformer expression map, I know I can do it with CC18 (like I do with natural harmonics), but I’m trying to avoid that if I can. Thanks again for any advice you can provide. I tried to attach my test-case Dorico file, but I can’t figure out how. Not enough coffee. :frowning:

The forum doesn’t accept dorico files. Rename your file to and you should be good to go. Or really zip it up before attaching it here.

Thank you, Florian. ZIP’d example file attached. (267 KB)

I am encountering the same problem. Noteperformer doesn’t reset with ‘ord’ or ‘nat’ or ‘arco’. There are some other inconsistencies I’ve found with it: even at the beginning of a flow, a violin part’s first entrance is played back with pizz articulation setting, even though there is no playing technique specified in Dorico, nor at the end of the previous flow in that part.