Dorico 2: resizing chord symbols

The default size for chord symbols is small for many jazz players I’ve done charts for. As far as I can tell, while individual chord symbols can be resized in Engrave, requiring re-scaling each character in a symbol (even slashes), I haven’t found a way to ask for a generic resizing in a project. Is there an easy command to change the default size of all cord symbols? (I’m aware that once a symbol has been re-sized in Engrave, it can easily be copied to other places using Write; but sometimes Dorico exits when I’m doing a resize, which is a real nuisance.)


Engrave mode—Font Styles—Chord Symbols font.

Thanks, Dan. That’s a big help. The “size” value in Font Styles tends to keep sharps and flats somewhat smaller than the letters, until the letters get bigger, but this can be adjusted in the Engraving Options>Chord Symbols window.

You can also change the size of the sharps and flats by editing ‘Chord Symbols Music Text Font’ in the same dialog.