Dorico 2 same page twice?

I so want to like Dorico. The output is so nice looking. But every time I decide to do a chart in Dorico instead of Finale or Sibelius I spend hours trying to find how to deal with the simplest stuff.

For example this:
I just need a lead sheet with piano and a flute part on top. But how do I get multi-measure barlines do go away? After searching for 10 minutes I find it.
Ready to enter music and I see page 1 two times on the screen (see attachment). I know the answer is simple but I don’t even know what to enter in the search field to find it in the manual.

Why do I see two identical pages side by side?

I’m Dorico challenged, too, but the thought crossed my mind that there might be 2 flows in the file. Delete one and that should fix it.


Check engraving mode. You may have an identical music frame on both the first and second page.

Check the Dorico YouTube channel and search for “master pages” and “frames.” You’ll find several very helpful videos.

The concept of master pages and frames was a new thing for me, but once I understood, I love it!

If you jump in without tutorials, you’ll get frustrated. But if you learn first, you’ll quickly find Dorico is better!

Here’s a good place to start: How to Use Frames | Engrave Mode in Dorico - YouTube

If that doesn’t answer your question, post a follow up. You’ll find this forum full of knowledgeable users (more knowledgeable than me, I mean) who are happy to help!

I don’t think it could be two flows, because the second page is a left page. If it were the start of a new flow, it would begin with a right page.

Thanks for the quick response.
It was master page setup. I didn’t think to check there because I used a template file created in Dorico 1. I guess when I delete all Players it will also get rid of the page layout.

If you’re planning to delete all the music anyways, you’d probably do better just starting a blank project, not from a pre-existing file. There may be other hidden holdovers in your project that could show up later as confusing behaviors.

It’s like when I get a MS Word document from someone who’d used the spacebar to approximate indentation, rather than setting tabs. It’s not immediately visible, but it can be a real pain later. After years of fixing problems in Finale that I had created unknowingly, I’ve approached Dorico more cautiously. I’m always keen to learn the “correct” way to set up everything (probably too obsessive about it sometimes). It’s paid off.

Dan, the advantage of reusing previous files is that you can carry custom master pages from one project to another without recreating them. You can also carry over custom Engraving/Notation/Layout Options from one project to the other, without overwriting the defaults, which is particularly useful if you work with multiple publishers that have different ways of doing things.

Yeah I agree, but in this case it sounds like he’d be better off starting over.