Dorico 2 - two bugs


  1. I prepared a new Paragraph style with justified alignment.
    However, the text to which the style is applied is not justified and the icon of the setting is black and unresponsive.

  2. The octave line does not take into account a fermata on a new system.

    However thanks for the terrific update!

    Schermata 2018-06-01 alle 14.03.30.png

Another bug - in the transpose window, a transposition to the interval of perfect 4th down doesn’t work. It transposes only by 2.

I call it Collisions! (When Text, notations, etc write over themselves) I have them too in Hairpins and dynamics. It might be just me not setting things up right in setup though. But I can’t seem to correct the collisions issues at all. I can’t even enter in a correct harp part with pedals and glissandos. I get frustrated then give up and write my parts on Judy Green Score paper with my pentel pencil. I love Dorico sooooo Much but when I have a gig that is pro and in TV/Film I have deadlines. I don’t haver time to tape aspirin all over my keyboard and monitor to resolve collisions or how to issues. The people here are so kind and patient and will help answer al se issues. So don’t give up. It 68% of the time comes up me lacking the knowledge of how to do things. So just hang in there. Dorico is the best notation software out. I will NEVER use any other. Just wait. People here will help.

Kind Regards

Mati, your first issue is not a bug: you can only have fully-justified text inside text frames, not in Shift+X or Shift+Alt+X text in Write mode.

Slava, I can’t reproduce your transposition issue – please provide a specific example that reproduces the problem. The transposition options are dependent on the musical context, so there may well be a bug there, but I will need to see the specific example to diagnose it.