Dorico 2 Vst2Whitelist.txt

Just installed the Dorico 2 upgrade on my WinPC - great update by the way :stuck_out_tongue:
But it seems to have wiped out my “Vst2Whitelist.txt” file.

I have re-created it, but when I go to the “%appdata%/Steinberg/VSTAudioEngine_64” folder as per the original Dorico instructions, there is a new folder called “VSTAudioEngine2_64” (with a 2 in the name).

Where should I copy the Vst2Whitelist.txt file… in the original folder, the new one with a 2 in the name, or both?

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Thanks pianoleo,
Soon after I posted, a whole bunch of new Dorico 2 related topics popped-up!!!