DORICO 3.0.1 Changing the volume of a selected section of notes

Hi guys,
just wondering if it is possible to take up or down the volume ( uniformly) of a selected section of notes? Do I have to redo all the velocity controller lane curves in the editor?
Thanks in advance,

Is adding a dynamic marking in Write mode not a good option for some reason, Peter?

Hi Daniel,
thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I have been doing a final mixing in the editor’s controller lanes for each instrument. I have many layers of instruments with their own individual melodies so I need a precise velocity for each note. That way there can be a clearer blending of all the melodies. I used to own Sibelius and found that the dynamic markings were too chunky and too unweildy for precise note by note mixing. A few times I have found that all the instruments are getting loud and I need to bring a whole section down in volume in order to have some velocity headroom for the bars to come. I really love Dorico because I am very poor at notation and find the scoring so easy to use and also for the first time I also have the benefit of premium audio specs.
Is there some way that I can use a bright standout colour for the instrument tab in galley view in Write mode? I find the faded grey hard to read.
So Daniel, many thanks and congratulations for Dorico.
Peter Baldwin

Editing of multiple note velocities is on our list for a future version. In the meantime though, there are two other options: you can use the pencil tool to draw velocities across multiple notes, or draw in a line or freehand in the Dynamic lane, which will be mapped to note velocities.

Thanks Paul.
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Hi guys,
I save my projects with the controller lanes open and then shut down. Upon re-opening the project I have to open all the automation lanes for editing again. Is there any way I can open up the project and have the controller lanes open? I am only using the velocity controller at the moment.
Peter Baldwin

This isn’t possible at the moment, but is something we hope to address in a future version.