Dorico 3.0.10 does not play correctly (video attached) and GUI works not properly on a new clean installed machine

Dorico 3.0.10 does not play correctly (video attached) and GUI works not correctly on a new clean installed machine

Dear users and developers,

I got a new logic board with a new SSD, a new keyboard and a new trackpad on my MacBook Pro 2018.
As I switched on the machine, the macOS 10.14.2 was installed.
I updated it to 10.14.6 and installed all the software I am using.
Dorico Pro 3.0.10 is one of them, and I feel the performance is horrible.
Please watch the video below:

I cannot work…

Should I report this to Apple again, or is it a problem of Dorico 3,10?
I spent too much time after upgrading to Dorico 3. Dorico 2 was convenient to work, but Dorico 3 seems to be not so reliable as Dorico 2.

Moreover, I did not tap the trackpad in the video. I clicked the pad. GUI respond is, however, not normal.

I am sorry to say it, but please let me know if I did something wrong in the video.

The performance you’re experiencing with Dorico is certainly not normal. Please attach a set of diagnostics created via Help > Create Diagnositc Report.

You can of course continue to use Dorico 2 if you wish: your Dorico 3 license will also allow you to run Dorico 2.

Thank you very much for your attention!
I am attaching the diagnostics.
Dorico (693 KB)

Do you have condensing enabled in the project you’re currently working on? If so, that may well explain the slow performance you’re experiencing. If you’re still doing a lot of editing of your project, you should switch off condensing in order to keep the speed of note input and editing more acceptable.

You are also experiencing the audio engine crash that a number of other users are experiencing that appears to be related to using Vienna Ensemble Pro. You might find that avoiding the use of VE Pro for the time being improves the stability of the software on your Mac.

The project is not “condensing enabled”.
I do not have VE Pro. I am using “Kontakt 5”, “UVIWorkstation” on the machine. Currently, the installed VSTi are as follows:

I experienced two more crashes after writing the last post.
I am attaching a new file of the diagnostics:
Dorico (748 KB)

I’ve passed the audio engine crashes on to Ulf, since I’m afraid I can’t diagnose problems with the audio engine.

There’s a single Dorico crash among the logs, showing that Dorico crashed when attempting to create a tuplet in note input. Can you remember what you were doing at that point? Can you attach the project and the steps required to reproduce that crash?

Ulf has come back to me about the audio engine crashes and says that they look like the crashes we are currently tracking that appear to be related to an issue involving the Soft-eLicenser. If it is an option for you to move your Dorico license to a USB-eLicenser, then those particular crashes will (as far as we know) no longer occur. However, remember that moving your Dorico license to your USB-eLicenser is a non-reversible operation. We are working with the eLicenser team to find the cause of these crashes as quickly as possible, but it is a complex area and we do not as yet have any kind of timescale for a fix.

Well, it’s a general issue. I still can reproduce the issue with a USB-eLicenser, it is just less likely to happen, but still does…

I cannot remember what I did exactly when Dorico crashed.
Probably I wanted to draw a horizontal line above a staff and tried the old-fashioned tricks.
Inputting tuplet was one of the tryings.

I have no USB dongle regretfully. It is very inconvenient to use.

Dear Daniel and dear Ulf,

Thanks for working to resolve the problems!