Dorico 3.0.10 sound doesn't work.

Before I will get to the topic I must say that I’m not English so it’s not my first language.
So, anyway, I was very dissapointed when I ran my Dorico for the first time since I bought it and the sound didn’t work. I’ve tried troubleshooting but this video was unhelpful and I don’t know where is the problem. I’ve had Dorico 2.2 trial and I liked it so I recently bought Dorico 3. I’ve installed it but I didn’t uninstall some controllers. I ran Dorico and sound wasn’t working as I said before. After I finished troubleshooting I’ve noticed that project that my saved project from Dorico 2.2 Trial was working with sound! Then I’ve went bad with this whole troubleshooting and I’ve unistalled Dorico 3, all controllers for Dorico 3 and some that were still on my computer from Dorico 2.2, and also this Haalion. Then I’ve installed Dorico 3.0.10 from your program (Steinberg Download Assistant) and I also installed Haalion. I thought this will be the end of my version of passion of christ, but hell no! Sound still doesnt work and my project from Dorico 2.2 doesn’t work too. Oh, and also it is VERY unhelpful if you’re not from USA or Britain and theres no other language selection, aaaand to run ONE program you have to install like 5 (Dorico 3, Steinberg Installer, Elicenser, and my beloved Haalion). Please help, cause I got 1 month to write few songs and that situation doesn’t help at all.
Wishing Dorico was easier to properly run and kindly regard for your team (cause Dorico itself is amazing, but duh! Those problems!),

Hi Wiktor, we are very sorry to hear of the problem you are facing. In order to help you, please open Dorico and create a piano project with just a handful of arbitrary notes in it.
Then choose from Dorico’s menu Help > Create Diagnostic Report. That creates a zip file on your desktop, please attach here.
From that data we might not be able to immediately spot what is wrong, but it is the best starting point.

But also a question: When you open the HALion editor window and click with the mouse on the on-screen keyboard, also then no sound comes out?
Is there any indication of level metering at the top middle of the editor window when you click the keyboard?

I could’t respond for a while but now I’m back.
1 question: The thing is that I’ve discovered that indeed I have those sounds! but unfortunatly he HALion doesn’t see my instrumets that are in the score so i must choose them maunally and then I cant click on keybord in HALion window. Then I hear the sound but only in this HALion window and not in actual playback.
2 question: I don’t know what are You reffering to but in this HALion window when I choose manually some instrument and click on window there is one round button(? I don’t know how to describe it, but it is round and it has some dots on it and it says 1 on left of it) that lights up and also there are 2 colums that light up and I think they are for headphones like right speaker and left.
Oh and also how to attach a folder on this forum cause I’ve did what you asked me to do but I don’t know how to attach it.
Second oh- My old file from Dorico 2 now works with sound again so I can work within it but editing one file isn’t the best way of working.
Thank you for your response,

Here in the forum, left to the Submit button is the “Full Editor & Preview” button. Click that and you get a different editor where you can upload attachments.
Would be also good if you attach a screenshot. Thanks

If your HALion player does not show any instruments, have you tried the Load Sounds for Unassigned Instruments option in the Play menu to see if that will load them for you automatically?

Well my HALion shows instruments but only in his window when I manually open it and then the sound comes when i play keyboard in it but it only works in this window. I don’t know how to do what you said, maybe show me a screenshot. Thx for response

Here’s this file but screenshot of what should I submit?
Dorico (334 KB)

Thanks for the data, I’ll take a look. But first suggestion: Go to Play Mode and choose from the menu Play > Playback Template and then choose the HALion template. This will reload sounds and automatically assign players to instruments. After that, does playback work correctly?

The log files look quite normal at first sight. But actually, I can’t see if you are running Dorico Pro or Dorico Elements. If you are running Pro, then you don’t have the HALion Symphonic Library installed, or at least Dorico does not “see” it then.
Depending on the program version you use, you have to either choose the ‘HSSE’ template for Elements, or the ‘HSSE + HSO’ for Pro in order that the right sounds will get loaded. But you can choose the ‘HSSE’ template in any case and then at least some basic sounds will get loaded. They won’t sound as pristine as the HALion Symphonic Library, but they do sound and that will help us nailing further down your problem.

Oh my goodness or whatever it’s spelled right it worked! I can now use correctly but I’ll write here if it will stop working again. I’ll write if it works in few days! THANK YOU!!!
I’m very thankful. So now I think it will be my favourite software to use.
THANK YOU again,

Glad to hear that it works now for you.
And please tell the world about your new favourite toy :slight_smile: