DORICO 3.1-Chord symbols input does not work

I installed version 3.1 and Chord symbol input via MIDI keyboard does not work now. What is wrong?

It’s working as expected here. Are you seeing Midi activity in Dorico (the green light on the bottom right of the screen) when you play? Are you able to input notes via midi?

This morning I reopened the project and suddenly it works! I don’t know what it could be. Thank you!

Heloo ,
I have the same problem. At first it works, but while working for an unknown reason I can’t suddenly enter a chord from MIDI keyboard. But after reloading Dorico it works properly. And it happens often.
Maybe someone would help??

Thanks in advance

We have had a couple of reports of this problem, Sigitas, but so far I’m sorry to say we have not been able to reproduce the problem at will in-house and so we have been unable to fix it.

I wonder, next time this goes wrong for you, if you disconnect and reconnect your MIDI keyboard, does this cause the MIDI input to start working again?

When it stops working, can you still input notes into staves via step-time input, or does all MIDI input stop altogether?

I do not use chords that often, but I recall this problem cropping up occasionally in my own work, and my recollection is that MIDI note input was unaffected (i.e. possible).

Disabling MIDI chord symbol input while keeping MIDI note input has been a big wish of mine! If y’all ever figure out what is causing this, please let me know so I can enable it, LOL.

When I turn the midi keyboard off and on , nothing changes. When it stops working I can input notes into staves via step-time input, and can input chords by PC keyboard. But I noticed a few things. 1. Midi keyboard I connected via the midi port of the sound card, now I connected directly from the M keyboard to the PC by USB. In Preferences midi input devices I left only my Midi keyboard active. So far works great.
The next .When I restart Dorico writes “audio engine is died”. There may also be a problem here. I will experiment a few days for it to be clearer, than I will report.



If Dorico tells you that the audio engine has died when you start the application, that suggests that the audio engine is crashing or hanging. Please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and upload the zip file produced here so we can take a look and see if anything suggests itself.


I noticed that the sound engine died  when I rebooted Dorico. 

However, if I wait at least 3 seconds after closing, it starts up fine,
the problem is gone. And yet I noticed it didn’t relate, as I thought b
efore, to entering chords with a midi keyboard.
I couldn’t find a reason why chord input stops working in midi Kbrd.
Although the last three days did not stop :). In addition, there is always t
he option to enter a string from a computer keyboard. I can live with this l
ittle problem. If I find out more, I’ll definitely share.


Ah, it’s a known issue that the VST audio engine can take a couple of seconds longer than Dorico to exit cleanly on Windows. Please do just wait a moment or two before you relaunch the software and this shouldn’t trouble you any further.

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Of course, this is not a problem, on the contrary, we must rest :slight_smile: