Dorico 3.1 Condensing Changes unresponsive

Hello all,

I was thrilled to see the Condensing Changes feature added to Dorico in 3.1 as I am finishing up a short piece for full orchestra, but after a few uses, it has stopped working. I changed the condensing on the first two pages (after much lag), and since then the feature does not work at all. For example, please look at the clarinets in bars 32-37 (image 1) and then bars 39-40 (image 2). I have tried condensing bars 32-37 them into one staff, but nothing changes. Bars 39-40 should have been condensed automatically, but now Dorico isn’t letting me change them at all. The feature no longer works for any instrument group.

Dorico runs smoothly in any other setting, but to be fair, this is my first time using the condensing feature in any capacity. Apparently the file is too large to attach here, but I would be happy to email it if you’ll take a look at it. Thank you for any assistance you can offer!


P.S. When I was successfully able to make condensing changes, dynamics which should have combined started disappearing. Is there a known fix to this?

Manual condensing can only apply from the start of a system - you can’t just apply it to a few bars, willy-nilly. If you apply it midway through a system it will take effect at the start of the following system.

Condensing runs like a dog. I’d advice not turning it on until after all music is entered.

In terms of number of systems used, yes. If it’s already condensed into one system, you can make mid-system changes to voicing.
Edit: I know you were answering in context to this situation but, it sounded like a blanket statement. :wink:

To draw the conclusion from Pianoleo’s statement, there is something about the previous condensing options which tells Dorico the rests for the clarinets and bass clarinet can’t be condensed in the first bar of your system.

If you fix that, your condensing change should work. Maybe you just need to move the condensing change to the start of the system.

To play Daniel’s favourite record again, attaching the project saves 20-questions guessing what the cause might be…

Thank you, Pianoleo, I was not aware of that fact. This has helped many of the issues.