Dorico 3.1 does not cohesively interpret musicXML created in Finale 25.5.

In the following picture, you see Dorico-side interpretation of MusicXmle created in Finale:

As you see, the following words appear correctly in Dorico:

  • dolce (in Expressive Text in Expression Tool in Finale)
  • solo (in Technique Text in Expression Tool in Finale)
  • tutti (in Technique Text in Expression Tool in Finale)

However, the following does not appear in Dorico:

  • arco (in Technique Text in Expression Tool in Finale)
  • pizz (in Technique Text in Expression Tool in Finale)

Approximately 1 year ago, we discussed it. I remember that Finale does not correctly export the followings:

  • “technique text category” in Expression Tool
  • tuplets etc.

However, the word " solo" and the word “tutti” appear in Dorico even though all the four words are all in Technique Text in Expression Tool in Finale.
Is there a reason why Dorico accept “solo” and “tutti” while not accepting “arco” and “pizz”?

Dorico does not yet import playing techniques in MusicXML files. This remains on our backlog for future implementation.


I just had a similar experience. Arco and Pizz live in the XML-file, but Dorico interprets them as playing techniques and hence ignores them on import. Could it be possible to offer an option to retain these markings as text…? Since arco and pizz are so ubiquitous this would simplify the conversion process. Instead of A/B proofreading it would be a matter of scrolling thru the file and just replace the staff text versions with real playing techniques.

Personally I went back to Finale and changed pizz to Xpizz and arco to Xarco and re-exported. These showed up in Dorico and were easy to just replace with the real thing…

We have plans to tackle the import of playing techniques in the relatively near future. It is probably the most glaring omission in terms of things that have the largest impact on proof-reading and checking, and we know it needs to be addressed.

actually, I just checked an.xml export from Sibelius and it appears all playing techniques I used are present in the file which I hadn’t necessarily expected. The fact that none at all are imported into Dorico suggests that the situation is worse than in Finale. I’m glad to see that sorting this at the Dorico end is a priority as I guess quite a few people out there (not me personally) might be delaying switching because of this. Even if they were just imported as text, they could be re-entered as a technique in a couple of seconds.

In my experience Dorico imports arco and pizz from a Finale XML, but they are imported as text rather than playing techniques; so Finale users who lose them in transfer may want to check their XML import checkboxes in Dorico Preferences.

Which combination of checkboxes are you using then? I’ve only checked the TEXT checkbox, and pizz and arco are not imported as staff text, whereas all other expressions are. Text entered with the text tool in Finale is also imported into Dorico, but just as with expressions, arco and pizz(.) are just ignored…

Made no change for me… you must have a blessed version of Dorico… :astonished: