Dorico 3 / 3.5 Trial Activation Issue

I downloaded the Dorico 3 trial from the Steinberg website a few days ago. When I opened the Dorico Download Assistant, I saw 3.5 was available so I downloaded that. After opening Dorico for the first time, I entered the emailed activation code and clicked “begin trial”. So far, so good. But now, Dorico is stuck in an activation loop. The program never actually opened. When I try to re-enter the original activation code, it doesn’t work as it’s “already registered”.

On My Steinberg, no products are associated with the e-licensers.

Reactivating the license on My Steinberg isn’t an option (doesn’t show up).

Running maintenance in the e-licenser control center didn’t help.

Re-installing the E-Licenser Control Center didn’t help.

E-Licenser Control Center version is

Could it be that the activation code was for Dorico 3, I tried it in 3.5, and now it doesn’t work for either? Do I need a fresh activation code, or one specifically for 3.5? The Steinberg website isn’t showing any Dorico trials anymore (as of May 21, 2020); so starting anew isn’t an option.

I’m using macOS High Sierra.

Welcome to the forum, bjustis. I’m afraid you can’t use the trial code you’ve received for Dorico 3 with Dorico 3.5, but you should find that provided your eLicenser Control Center shows an activated trial license for Dorico Pro 3, then version 3.1 should run with no problem. A trial version for Dorico 3.5 will be available in due course, but not for a couple of weeks; however, you would be able to have a further trial of Dorico 3.5 when that is available if it’s important to you to try the new features of 3.5 specifically before you purchase.

Thanks for your reply, Daniel.

I un-installed Dorico 3 and 3.5 then re-downloaded Dorico 3 and entered my original activation code. The same problem persists; the activation code “has already been used” and activation fails. I’m guessing I need a fresh activation code for the Dorico Pro 3 trial. Rather odd…

I’ll send you a fresh code via private message.

Hi there,

I have just read this thread and am experiencing exactly the same issues with my Dorico 3.5 trial that @bjustis has. I am at a complete loss as to what to do…

I am using macOS Big Sur.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the forum, @rluby. I’ll send you a private message with a new activation code.

Hello, i also have problem with activation code for trial version dorico 3.5

Hello, i also have problem with activation code for trial version dorico 3.5

I’ll send you an activation code for the Dorico Pro trial via private message, @stimke011.

Hello, I need an activation code too. I purchased cubase pro 11 but it does not come with Dorico. I requested an activation code per mail but I never received it.

Thanks a lot

Does the Cubase dongle still come with a trial license for other software? Even if it does, you still need to download the Dorico (trial?) program from the web site or the Download Assistant.

(If you get the trial, opt for thePro version. You can always use the CTRL or ALT keys on startup to simulate the other versions to test them out.)

Welcome to the forum, @Ingeniero_Lajapi. For what product are you looking for a trial activation code?

It is the Dorico 3.5

I suppose that I can put the product´s license on my eLicenser isn´it?

Yes, you can do that. I’ll send you a trial code by private message here on the forum.

Thank you! By the way, what does really mean a “Trial Activation”? It is fully functional or barely a demo?

It’s a full license, just time-limited. Dependent on Daniel’s generosity it’ll either work for 30 days from whenever it’s used or perhaps longer (but I’m not privy to that, so no promises!)

It is somehow confusing. I purchased Cubase 11 Pro last week (I had Cubase 7.5 before), and I find a pity that not Dorico is included in the Bundle.

Well, they’re two full-featured, pro-level programs!

I mean, in the Steinberg Website it claims “Free Download” but it´s a demo. Also, as any other Steinberg product there is the posibility of download it and try it. What is the difference then?

Where do you see that?