Dorico 3.5.10 e-licencer issue

Hello all

On my Mac running High Sierra, I run Cubase 6 alongside Dorico (don’t laugh - it has a mound of legacy scores in there and works jolly fine in High Sierra in 32-bit mode).

When I upgraded to Dorico 3.5.10 a few days ago, all went well. Or so I thought.
I discovered today that Cubase 6 crashed within a second of launching with no warning messages. Cubase 4 indicated it was a licence problem.

Just to tell you (in case anyone else uses legacy software), that if you go back one version of the e-licenser, your hair will stop turning grey and your blood pressure will return to normal. And Dorico still runs 3.5.10 just fine.

If there’s another fix that lets me use the most up-to-date e-licenser, perhaps someone can post it in reply…