Dorico 3.5, AirPods, SoundSource, Loopback

I would like to playback Dorico audio to AirPods pros. The Mac app Loopback works great with Dorico. Soundsource (also by Rogue Amoeba) works great with everything I’ve tried except Dorico.

For sending audio from one place to another, they are similar. However, Soundsource is about $70-$80 less than Loopback. Has anyone gotten sound source to work with Dorico to AirPods /bluetooth headphones?

I have never tried with AirPods, but they should be able to be used with Dorico like any other BlueTooth headset. I’ve written a section in the FAQ about how to setup BT headphones in Dorico, please have a look at

It worked! Thank you :slight_smile:
What seemed to work best for me was to connect the AirPods to the Mac, then start Dorico. Times it didn’t really work, was if I tried to connect after Dorico was open. (with or without a file open.)
thanks again!