Dorico 3.5 Harp Pedaling - right foot pedal in left foot position?


I’m unsure how to phrase this question properly, but I’m writing a piece for harp and I need to reorder the position of the harp pedals.


I need the E pedal to appear on the left foot space, as per the request of the harpist. Any thoughts on how to achieve this without creating a text box?

I wonder why… AFAIK (and Dorico it seems) on a standard harp both E and G are right pedals…

E and G are both right pedals, but as the E is the leftmost right-foot pedal, it is possible to manipulate (pedipulate?) it with the left foot, if need be. An experienced harpist would understand changing E and G at the same time can only be done using the left foot on E. I have no idea if this trick is very common, or how awkward it is to achieve for the average player (I’d love to know).
But if your harpist requests it specifically, they already know how to do it, don’t they? I doubt it’s necessary to create a special notation for it. Maybe include a footnote to be sure?

It’s because the harpist needs to use both feet on the right side to make the change. According to my harpist, the way he has requested is the “standard” way of showing this kind of pedaling.

I am not a harpist, so I just want to make it look how he wants. Any thoughts on how to achieve getting the E on the bottom? For further detail, he has asked that the G pedal stay on top, without a box, and the E pedal go on the bottom with a box.

Can you use SHIFT+X text or create a custom (non-functional) Playing Technique for this?

Harp Pedals are Playing Techniques anyway. I would have thought that if you duplicate the existing one at a slightly earlier rhythmic position and edit it - so that you have two separate pedal indications - you should be able to drag one under the other and turn off its border property.

edit: something like this:

with text…

This looks like the solution with the most control. Thank you!

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