Dorico 3.5 Licence Question


I’m a proud owner of Dorico Pro 3.5. It has definitely changed notation for me making everything easier and faster. While the USB Dongle is a mild inconvenience I like the offline nature of it, since I travel quite often with multiple computers and no internet. When I got off-guard without the dongle I would just launch up the SE version to quickly sketch my thoughts on a solo piano and arrange them later with Dorico Pro to a bigger setting.

I messed up when I accidentally transferred my 3.5 SE licence to my dongle, I tried getting it back on software eLicense but it doesn’t work like that doesn’t it… I tried using Dorico 4 SE but it’s not a viable solution since I utilize VST2 devices and I just found it hard to switch between two versions constantly…

Is there a way I can get the Dorico 3.5 SE licence again?

If your license for 3.5 is still on your dongle, IIRC you can still use that to run 3.5. Did you erase 3.5 when you upgraded to version 4? If so, I believe there is still a link somewhere to download 3.5. I would start by checking one’s Steinberg account, but if that provides no link, I’m pretty sure someone will respond here with the link before too long.

actually what I need is a new Dorico 3.5 SE license, I already have a Dorico 3.5 Pro license on the USB. The problem is when I don’t have the USB with me. @dspreadbury Is it possible to get a new Dorico 3.5 SE license key?