Dorico 3.5 licensing issue

I just upgraded to 3.5 and for the first time using Dorico (I have been on board since v 1) I have encountered verification issues.
I encountered installation issues but after the 3rd attempt things went smoothly until license verification.
I managed to jump through those hoops (or so I thought!). Upon opening I was told that the license was invalid but then it changed it’s mind and the program opened but there was a splash screen giving a expiry count down!??
Therein lies the problem!
I have heard of other people having licensing issues but I guess it’s my turn. Any ideas why this should occur now?

Cheers, Tom

Windows 10 64-bit 18G RAM

Sorry to hear you’re having problems, Tom. If you run eLicenser Control Center, what does it show for your Dorico Pro 3.5 license?

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for the reply. The eLicenser Control Center say that I have a full Dorico Pro3 license. Should it say 3.5?
Cheers, Tom

PS I have attached a diagnostic file in case that helps.
Dorico (290 KB)

Today’s restart gave me this so I guess my license is not being recognised. I moved from an online licenser to a USB licenser earlier this year after some other issues with Dorico 2. Maybe there is some conflict on my computer …

It should say 3.5. It is possible that your 3.0 license was not upgraded to 3.5 properly. Try restarting your computer, then do not start Dorico - instead, start the eLicenser control center, click the “Enter Activation Code” button, and try entering the activation code that was emailed to you with the upgrade (you can copy and paste). Afterwards your license should say Dorico Pro 3.5 in the LCC.

OK I have possible solved the issue but still am being queried by the eLicenser!
The email documentation announces Dorico 3.5 as an update not and upgrade. (Although I used the word upgrade above) I immediately went to the download and downloaded the ‘update’. So I have been thinking update ie free not upgrade ie paid for. Saw someone elses thread mentioning purchasing 3.5 so I checked my bank account to see if I did pay. Guess what (wipes egg off face) I didn’t thinking it was an update!
So upon purchasing the upgrade It seems to be running ok but the eLicenser is still not happy.
I will see how it goes today.
Cheers, Tom

You are not the first person to get caught out by Steinberg “point 5” versions being chargeable updates.

Steinberg use “update” for a higher version of a product you already own - which may or may not be chargeable - and “upgrade” for moving to a higher edition of a product, e.g. Dorico Elements to Dorico Pro.

Licences show the “point 5” version number in eLicenser Control Center when relevant - so at the moment I have “Dorico Pro 3.5” and “Cubase Pro 10.5” licences. Dorico SE licences show as “Dorico SE” - for now, at least, they are free of charge and always work with the latest version of Dorico.

Now that you have bought your Dorico Pro 3.5 update, you should see “Dorico Pro 3.5” in eLicenser Control Center after entering the activation code successfully. Once this is the case you might need to reboot your computer to get things working from the updated full licence. You appear to have an ‘all products’ time-limited licence on your system, which is what was activating Dorico Pro 3.5 in trial mode - presumably this is on a USB eLicenser that was either bought with a boxed Steinberg product or has been used for a Steinberg Zero Downtime claim.

Thanks David,
I guess it’s an example of idiosyncratic ‘English’ usage! :slight_smile: I will remember for next time! Yes I have a USB eLicenser after I had licensing issues with the soft eLicenser.
Cheers, Tom