Dorico 3.5 manual pdf

I had the copy place print the almost 1600 page manual. I’m so happy to have it. Thanks to the Dorico creators for making this available!


Wow, a big investment but I’m pleased you’re happy Karen! I hope it’s useful to you.

Depending on where you’re at with your Dorico usage, you might also be interested in our new First Steps guide - it’s much shorter (c. 100 pages) and is designed to be read and followed form start to end (whereas the full manual is more of a reference that you can dip into as required). First Steps takes you through creating a piano piece from scratch, and then an excerpt of a blues song to touch on more modern notations like chord symbols and slashes. You can find the guide and supporting resources here.

Dear Lillie,
I also printed the First Steps pdf!
Thank you.

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Ha, perfect! I shall leave you in peace then :slight_smile:

Hello Lillie, I believe in the First Steps reference is made to a piece of music, which is used to show what is possible.
Unfortunately, I cannot find the link to it, nor where I can print it out. Can you help please ?


There are a couple of links in the PDF to the First Steps “landing page”, where you can download a reference PDF and project for both pieces mentioned in the guide.

They can also be reached from the landing pages for each Dorico 3.5 product version, e.g. here for Dorico Pro.

Thank you !

The Manual and First Steps guide are SO welcome, so thanks to all concerned :slight_smile:

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A forum where you can learn many beautiful and interesting things. :slightly_smiling_face:Thanks everyone!