Dorico 3.5 manual published (EN)

Alberto, if you continue to live-blog any manual updates, you’ll drive yourself mad. Take it easy, it’s Christmas!


Dear Lillie, perhaps a little explanation may be worthwhile.

I check every day the manual of products I’m working with. If I find a difference I download them. I think it may be useful for others knowing a new version is available, thus I add a single line to advise. IMHO having at hand an updated manual is important, probably because my DAW is often offline.

However for me it’s a very little effort that won’t change my holidays! :smile:

If other users think it’s absolutely not useful or if it can be noisy for someone, I’ll stop immediately. Let me know please. :pray:

It’s completely up to you how you spend your time. I well remember you saying before that you check every day, which is nice! The page count is very flexible in the PDFs because of how they’re generated from the source material.

If I publish an update that’s significant enough to draw people’s attention to, I’ll say so. Hopefully anyone accessing the webhelp just automatically gets the latest docs by sheer virtue of them being live always, and if people are happy only to update their saved copies of the PDF periodically (given the overall file size for downloading balanced with potentially tiny changes) that’s probably fine too.

Btw, at the moment I get an error message, when I open the web help (F1) from Dorico 3.5 (German version).

Ah, that’ll be because we removed the redirect but obviously the translated manuals aren’t available yet. I’ll contact the relevant parties to get that sorted :slight_smile: thanks!

I’ll consider myself contacted! :wink:


This should be fixed now - sorry for any problems caused!

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That’s the annoying thing about Steinberg: things always take so long … :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Thanks a lot! :+1:


If I take french as an example, translations are longer at Avid, for Pro Tools. And sometimes non-existent. Nothing at Studio One either. Not late: just nothing. Reaper, nothing in French, except for poorly written attempts. Samplitude? 4 or 5 versions late, and disorder in explanations (as in the software …). Pyramix at Merging? Nothingness. I find Steinberg remarkable in his respect for foreign languages (and this is part of my decision to choose Cubase as the main DAW). It’s better in paradise, but on earth it’s not bad.

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Are these materials made by using InDesign or LaTeX?

Oxygen/DITA, to the best of my knowledge.

That looks like how the website was compiled.
I forgot to say in my last reply that what I was asking is about how the PDF files were typographed.

To the best of my knowledge the PDF output is also handled by Oxygen. See

Yes, all of the documentation is generated automatically from DITA sources using OxygenXML and related tools.

Thanks so much, Lillie. Know you put your heart and soul into this.

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If someone Could be interested: a new version is available: 1577pp; 01-18

(Btw @Lillie_Harris, I don’t do it by hand, but a software procedure checks all the updates I need :wink: )

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As you were, @Alberto_Maria :wink:


Thank you so much Leo! Very useful!
(I have a bunch of topics to mute as well…)

Probably this is worthwhile to be added in the Lounge @pianoleo .
Btw I cannot access the muted topics: probably it’s a question of level…

Do you get an “Oops” message or a “You’re all caught up” message?

No Leo, simply if I go to Latest, I don’t see Muted among New, Unread, etc…