Dorico 3.5 no sound on playback


Having now downloaded 3.5 Pro on my computer - thank you Steinberg - I find that when I try to play any of the projects already shown - after being updated in the case of Rameau - there is no sound.

An error message appeared when I closed the program - something like ‘there appears to be a problem with the audio file’. I do remember when uploading the upgrade that there were a number of files shown, including an audio file. Is this where I missed the upgrade for sound ?

Can you help , please ?


Can you first help by posting here a diagnostic report? From the main menu choose Help > Create Diagnostics Report and attach the corresponding zip file. Then I can give further advice. Thanks

As requested. Thanks

Dorico (254 KB)

Hi Bill, it appears that you did not install the HALion Symphonic Orchestra library, it’s the big download package, around 9GB. Please grab that and install.

Thank you Ulf - where can I find it ?


Start up the Steinberg Download Assistant (got installed together with Dorico). In there browse for Dorico 3.5 and download the 9GB package. I’m not sure how it is called, but something with “Sound” in its name.

I have downloaded all of the missing parts - Sounds installer, Version history, and the update, although the last one was not needed. In the case of the Sounds and the Version history, they downloaded successfully. So far so good. I am sorry to have overlooked them.

However, when I tried to play back one of the projects - Rameau - it loaded successfully, but there was still no sound, and still the error message saying that there was an audio file problem.

What do I do now please ?


How about the other demo projects, are they also silent? And what if you create an own project from template, let’s say a string quartet, and enter some arbitrary notes, does it sound? If not, please attach another diagnostics report. Thanks

Also try going to Play and (re)applying a Playback Template.

Hello, I am afraid it is still not quite right. As suggested, I was able to play (and hear) some of the other projects, but the following errors were displayed - the same as before.:
Some audio files are missing. Please check installation, and
A serious problem has occurred. Please try to save your project under another name and then restart VSTAudioEngine3.exe (I could not find this ). If the problem persists please contact Steinberg Technical Support with a description of the problem and the created file C:\users\Bill\Documents\Steinberg\CrashDumps\Dorico3.5\AudioEngine 64 bit 2029.9.1 8.56.dmp.

Dorico (263 KB)
Dorico 3.5 AudioEngine 64bit 2020.9.1 8.56.dmp (340 KB)

Hi Bill,
first regarding the crash. That one is because HALion Sonic SE (HSSE) is bringing the audio engine down. You have HSSE 3.3 installed but 3.4 is already available. Would you please update and see if you still get crashes?
You can get the latest HSSE via the Steinberg Download Assistant. On the left side choose ‘VST Instrument & Plugins’ and then find ‘HALion Sonic SE 3’. Click on it and then on the right side download ‘HALion Sonic SE 3 - 3.4.0’.

Regarding the missing audio, it still seems that you have not installed the HALion Symphonic Orchestra library. You downloaded that 9 GByte package, right? And you did run the installer as well?
Is on your harddisk the file C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound\FCP_SMT_027_HSO_Presets_01.vstsound ?
And what is in the folder C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\HALion\VST Sound , there should be 72 items in there, how many do you have?

Hello Ulf,
After all of your help, I am now able to hear the project files in my Dorico 3.5 - many thanks after all the downloads and assistance. I can now think about starting to write music and hearing it afterwards in 3.5.