Dorico 3.5 not working anymore "Audio Engine Process Died"

Hi Ashley, could you please also do in Dorico ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’ and post the corresponding zip file, too?

@Ashley_Hribar , I apologize, at first I did not read your posting carefully. Can you open Dorico 3.5 at the moment or isn’t it starting up at all?
In the two archies you’ve sent there are plenty of diagnosis files there are plenty of hang and dia files (they get created by the OS if a process is not responding anymore) but there are no crash files at all, which makes me wonder of the nature of your problem. I think it can’t have anything to do with the previous installation of Dorico 4. That seems to be all cleaned up. But something else is holding your computer back somehow…

Dorico (515.4 KB)
Hello Ulf,
Here’s the zipped file.

No worries!
Yes, it could be another problem. Occasionally I load an SSD card with Spitfire audio samples, (very big files) and did this just briefly as a test on some earlier Dorico

projects a few months ago. But when the SSd card is not plugged in I still get the issue with crashes. Mostly, when I try to close the program it hangs then I force quit. Here’s a screen shot of the activity monitor when it hangs. High CPU% and fan very loud