Dorico 3.5 on MacOS 10.11.6, El Capitan?

I just got the Dorico Crossgrade from Sibelius and was about to install when I noticed the system requirements are beyond my MacOS 10.11.6. My MacBook Pro (17" mid 2010) will not run any newer MacOS. Am I out of luck or is it possible to run Dorico 3.5 on my system? Thanks.

According to this Apple support page, you can run High Sierra 10.13 on your mid-2010 MacBook Pro.

El Capitan is the limit for the previous model, mid-2009. If that’s what you have, then arguably you’re going to find lots of new software requires a higher OS. 11 years from a laptop is not a bad innings.

Welcome to the forum, madeinmarimba. Until such time as you’re able to upgrade macOS to 10.13 or later, your Dorico 3.5 license allows you to run previous versions of Dorico as well, and I believe Dorico 2.2.20 should still run on macOS 10.11.

Thanks for the replies! I am going to try to upgrade to 10.13.6 on my Macbook Pro. Hpefully, that will go smoothly and I will be in business with the latest Dorico.