Dorico 3.5 Pro not upgradeable

Hello, i have bought from Dorico 2 Pro a, Upgrade Dorico Pro 3 and some month before to 3.5 Pro, this works.
Today i bought upgrade to Dorico Pro 4 and now my e-licenser shows not Dorico 3.5 but Dorico 3.5 not upgradeable this was not bevor i tried to activate version 4.

What is the problem?

Can you clarify, is your Dorico 4 license currently verified and/or activated (i.e. is Dorico 4 working for you)? If so, this is as it should be. Once you activate v4, your 3.5 license is marked as not upgradeable. Otherwise, you’d be able to purchase unlimited upgrades using your 3.5 license.

Dorico 4 is not used and version 3.5 is now marked as not upgradable on e-licenser. I can not use version 4.

Dorico 4 is under Steinberg licensing based products in my account and not used, not under e-licenser…

Ah, that is likely a question for the team then. There have been a few users with similar issues though, so perhaps what the team said to them may be helpful to you in the meantime: Dorico 4 licensing issue - #9 by swestmancoat

Then i have a problem. On my e-licenser was Dorico 3.5 before the problem, then i used the download access code in the download manager and got an activation key. This key i inserted in the control center of e-licenser and got no dorico 4 but a locked dorico 3.5 for upgrade…

Dorico 4 won’t ever show up in eLC - if your Dorico 3.5 licence is marked as “not upgradeable” then that means that the upgrade is complete as far as eLC is concerned. Your Dorico 4 licence will instead show up in the new Steinberg Activation Manager application, which manages the products that use Steinberg Licensing.

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This means, i can not use the license on my e-licenser? I am working on more then one pc…

You can log in to the Steinberg Activation Manager on several computers, and you can activate your Dorico 4 licence on up to three computers at a time. See New Steinberg Licensing FAQ | Steinberg

I have Cubase, Wavelab Dorico and many of their products on my e-licenser, and now Dorico 4 does not work with this tool?
This means, i have to use for Dorico the activation manager and for the other programms the e-licenser? Shit! I prefer the e-licenser.

Is it possible to free the activated licences by myself, if i change the hardware?

Yes, Dorico is the first Steinberg app to fully abandon the e-Licencer. The others will follow eventually. And yes, you will be able to manage your Dorico activations yourself in the new Steinberg Activation Manager app when you change hardware.

Yes, the licences aren’t permanently associated with a machine - they’re permanently associated with your Steinberg account. You can freely deactivate a licence on one machine move it to another, as long as you don’t have more than three machines activated at once.

Ok i understand. But this is a backstep for the user .You are dependent from the factory and their servers. If the e-licenser is activated, it works if it got not defect. The Steinberg ID depends on existing of their servers, if i have a new computer.
I have some other software, the factory does not longer exist, and game over…

Can you please tell me, where i can free the licence? On the web account or on my pc?

Thank you for the info

When you want to deactivate Dorico from one computer in order to run it on another, you run Steinberg Activation Manager on that computer, find your Dorico 4 license, and click Deactivate.

Note that, unlike with the eLicenser, you can activate Dorico 4 on up to three computers for your own use, so you don’t need to continually deactivate from one computer and reactivate on another. Please read the Steinberg Licensing FAQs for more information.