Dorico 3.5 Pro - Problem Export Audio


I have a problem.
When I export audio the file just reproduce the tempo track.
It’s impossible export MIDI track too.

Seemingly, this problem started after that I inserted my Activation Code in website.
This is other problem. Suddenly, I started the software and it was required again.

IIRC Dorico exports audio based on the top score layout in the right-hand column in Setup mode.

You can drag layouts around in that column to position the layout you want at the top.

You can also export MIDI files.

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Welcome to the forum, Eric. I’m sorry you’re having problems exporting audio.

Do you get the expected playback within Dorico itself? If so, then make sure the layout that you’re looking at is the one that plays back in the expected way, and then try exporting your audio again.

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It was the layout!

Thank you Derrek and Daniel for the prompt reply.