Dorico 3.5 — square brackets in figured bass

I’m editing some mid-eighteenth century music and want to highlight editorial changes to the figured bass using square brackets. How do I do this please?

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At the moment, I’m afraid there is no support for bracketing for figured bass, but comprehensive support for brackets in figured bass is coming in the next major version of the software.


io, per ora, mi aggiusto inserendo le parentesi come Text. Speriamo nella versione nuova di Dorico.
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Thank you!

Thank you Daniel. It’s an unfair question perhaps, but do you know when that might be please?

The Dorico team doesn’t announce features or release dates in advance. Search the forum for related terms - you’ll find plenty of explanations from Daniel on the topic.

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I just wanted to say that I’m also anxiously waiting for this :slight_smile: Thank you in advance!

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Thank you Lillie. I have tried searching as you suggest but can’t find anything useful. Perhaps you could send me a link to the relevant posts please? Thank you. Also, Daniel Spreadbury has in fact done exactly what you say the team does not do - he has announced in advance that square brackets in figured bass will become possible with the next major version of Dorico. Has he made a mistake? Surely not.

Hi Lozza18,
Read carefully what Lillie wrote :wink: She was focusing on your last question, the release date of Dorico 4. We’ll probably know it will be out a few days (less than a week) before its release. As always. The only difference is the time between releases. This one is the most awaited release in Dorico’s short life (4,5 y.o.) and we have been numerously told why this was going to take much more time than the previous ones.

Daniel is a very kind soul who is truly committed to the Dorico user base, so he’ll take opportunities to direct expectations; what I meant is that the exact contents (and scope) of new features is not confirmed or announced prior to release, and also that the date of releases is not confirmed prior to release.


Thank you for clarifying that Lillie. But, can you direct me to the posts you referred to previously please? As far as I can tell, everything previously posted refers only to the ‘text’ version of figured bass that was used before Dorico 3.5. As I am working on a large project in 3.5 with its new (mostly excellent) figured bass facility, those old posts are apparently of no use to me. Have I misunderstood? Unfortunately he project is now much too large for me to consider inputting the figured bass by a different method.

Thank you Marc. That really is most helpful and I am very grateful for you taking the time to point this out. I will certainly be much more careful with my reading in future.

Sorry if there’s been a misunderstanding, my comment was simply that the team won’t announce when an update is coming out, and that there are previous posts on the forum from Daniel and others explaining that (about not announcing updates, I wasn’t speaking about bracketed figured bass specifically).

One way to do this could be to bracket the note to which the figures are attached and then move and resize the brackets manually.


Not ideal, but slightly more flexible than the text solution.


This is probably the most elegant solution at present.