Dorico 3.5 Strange UI behavour on creating stemless notes and search

Im making the transition from Sib to Dorico so please forgive me if I have made an elementry error however I’m stuggling to get my head round the below .

I’m trying to create a work sheet with stemless note heads and double bar lines and the combination of these two elements seems to confuse the UI of dorico when usings lasso selection or Filter selection (edit/filter/Notes and Chords) in combination with searching for “hide stems”

  1. with lasso selection in either write or engrave mode - seaching for hide stems gives no result?

using filter selection in engrave mode lets me find “hide Stem” (not in search) however in write mode the same optons are not available in the lower expanding panel

is this a glitch? or just me not getting my head round how to access this option?

many thanks for your time

ps I have more screen shots to ilustrate but can only post one image as new user.

“Hide stems” is only available in Engrave mode.

The property panel at the bottom is dependent on what you have selected. If you have multiple types of elements selected, there will be few or no properties available to change, since not all elements share those properties. You’ve rightly found filter-select to be the solution.

You may find it easiest to select all elements in Write mode, filter-select, then switch to Engrave mode.

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Welcome to the Dorico forum! As Dan correctly says, the Properties panel is context-sensitive, meaning if you have e.g. barlines and notes selected, only properties that are common to both are shown. Different properties are available in Write mode and Engrave mode, as some properties only apply to e.g. an item’s graphical offset; in general, more properties are in Engrave mode than Write mode.

Here is some of the documentation for the Properties panel.

This isn’t relevant to your specific question, but Dorico’s horizontal justification of the last system in a flow (or not, as in your screenshot) is a bit different to Sibelius so I thought I’d point it out: if you want that second system to fill the width of the page, there’s a default option for that here. Dorico generally involves a lot less manual dragging of items or staves around on pages, so do dig in to the default settings - setting things at a higher level is much easier in the long-run!

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