Dorico 3.5 will not start--e-licenser issue

Since upgrading Dorico 3.1 to 3.5 the newer version will not start. E-licenser is asking me to enter an activation code. I can still start 3.1.

I am running the most current version of e-licenser.

Any suggestions?


Have you purchased 3.5? Presumably the code you are being asked to enter is the code that you receive when you buy the update.

Thank you! All fixed.

I had had a similar problem – it wasn’t instantly clear to me that a decimal-point update would be a paid one. (I’m not complaining, the features amply justify the cost, just explaining that I was momentarily dense.) It all came right as soon as I bought it and received the activation code.

It seems to be common practice at Steinberg that x.0.00 and x.5.0.00 versions are page updates.