Dorico 3 and noteperformer sound issue: speakers are beating unhealthy when playback

first of all, i’m new here, so hello y’all! hope youre doing great.
Please help me:
currently, i’m using dorico 3 and noteperformer. everything works properly except my speakers: when playing they make weird, hammering sounds as if someone spits into a microphone. this concerns both the dorico and noteperformer sound. i hear the music but these random beats make it unenjoyable.
my device is a lenovo ideapad flex 5 with windows 10.
believe me, i really dont want to learn sibelius, :smiley:
please help!


Welcome to the forum, @el.le. It sounds like maybe you need to increase the buffer size a bit in the Edit > Device Setup dialog. Can you give that a try and see how it works?

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Also, could you make a short recording of the sound? Even just with a smartphone, just to get an impression of what it sounds like. That could also help us understanding your problem. Thanks

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since one hour, i try to upload a file, but it is always blocked, and there is not even a possibility to share a link. 160KB mp3 should not be a problem. why is this so complicated?
i could easily send you an email if you give me your adress.

You need to read a few other messages, etc. before the forum software allows you to post attachements.

luckily, this solved the problem, thank you!