Dorico 3 and NotePerformer


Congratulations to you and your team on Dorico 3. The condensed conductor’s score is certainly a great feature.

Just a note that your post on NotePerformer has a small problem. If you create a Dorico 3 folder, copy the zip file provided and then unzip, you will end with Dorico 3/Dorico 3/Playback… You need to move the 2 folders to the top Dorico 3 folder. It works perfectly well otherwise.


I agree (as did someone on the original thread in which Paul introduced this solution. In Windows extracting the download gives the Dorico 3 folder containing the two sub-folders. I merely needed to move that into the %PROGRAMDATA%\Steinberg folder Paul specified without creating a second Dorico 3 folder.

I simply reinstalled NotePerformer 3.2 and it started working in Dorico 3. What is the difference between doing that and the zip file posted?

NotePerformer 3.2 won’t work in Dorico 3 without taking the extra steps described in the sticky thread at the top of the page.

Right - but I’m asking why is it working for me in Dorico 3 when I didn’t take the extra steps in the sticky thread? Or is it that a few features don’t work without taking those extra steps?

It’s impossible for it to be working for you if you didn’t follow those steps, so congratulations: you’re starting off your weekend by having done something impossible.

Hi Daniel,

It seems I have done the impossible, then. I am not simply mistaken. Here is a screenshot for proof:

I never noticed the sticky thread because it simply worked. After the Dorico 3 upgrade I started Dorico and opened my project and got a message that it couldn’t find the NotePerformer template or whatever, so I went back to my NotePerformer 3.2 installer and re-ran it. After running it, I went into Dorico and NotePerformer works.

I have two computers running Dorico and NotePerformer 3.2 and they are both working without having downloaded that zip file or followed those extra steps.

How is it working for me??

I’m fairly sure it only works up until the point where you try to add a new instrument or make any other changes to the NP playback.

I don’t know how to answer this question any way other than the way I have already answered it. I would recommend you follow the steps in the sticky thread. They take about 1 minute to do. Then you can be sure that you are using NotePerformer in the way that we have been testing it and using it successfully during Dorico 3 development. Of course you are free not to do that if you wish, but please stop asking me to explain something that I cannot explain.

Hi Daniel, sorry, I’m not trying to be frustrating. I will unzip the file as you recommend. I just wanted to confirm whether I should delete the existing files before putting in the contents of the Dorico 3 zip? Currently I have the following files in the Dorico 3 folder, prior to unzipping:

C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Dorico 3\DefaultLibraryAdditions\NotePerformer\NotePerformer Expression Maps.doricolib
C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Dorico 3\DefaultLibraryAdditions\NotePerformer\NotePerformer Percussion Maps.doricolib
C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Dorico 3\PlaybackTemplateGenerators\NotePerformer\playbacktemplategen.xml
C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Dorico 3\PluginPresetLibraries\NotePerformer\presets.xml
C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Dorico 3\PluginPresetLibraries\NotePerformer\presets_for_instruments.xml

I can see that the three .xml files are identical (with a file diff) to what is in the zip, but the zip file has a new file named playbacktemplatedeps.doricolib in the PlaybackTemplateGenerators\NotePerformer folder and does not have the DefaultLibraryAdditions folder.

Should I delete the DefaultLibraryAdditions folder with the two .doricolib files inside it?

I don’t think you want any of the files you currently have in **C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Dorico 3**. You should delete all of them, and use the zip file that Paul provided, per the sticky thread.

Hi Daniel, thanks for the help - NotePerformer playback still works, and now I am using the zip file. The old files are gone.

My best guess is that Arne must have programmed the NotePerformer installer to automatically look for any folders with names beginning with “Dorico” in ProgramData and load the xml and doricolib files into them. When I reran the NotePerformer 3.2 installer (after installing Dorico 3) it must have installed those xml and doricolib files in the Dorico 3 folder as a result. If I were to rerun the NotePerformer installer again now it would probably put the wrong files back and mess up your zip version.

It may well do, and as “earv” said earlier in the thread, with your situation I think NotePerformer would only have been working to the extent that existing projects would work until such time as you tried to add more players or change instruments.

Strangely enough it was even working with new projects and adding new instruments etc., but I feel much better about having it set up the right way (with your zip) than run the risk of problems.

Well, I wish you would have done that a couple of hours earlier and saved us both some time and keyboard wear…! :wink:

Hi Daniel, you don’t have to reply to this (already enough back and forth), but the only reason I asked the question to begin with is I was concerned that perhaps it was a sign that some part of Dorico 3 didn’t install properly and that some piece of Dorico 2 was being used instead (causing NotePerformer to work when it shouldn’t have). I am also a Cubase user and each time I upgrade Cubase it fails to properly update the Logical Editor presets folder in ProgramData (and a few other things) but tells me everything was successful and I either end up with the old version options appearing in the software instead of the new version options or an empty list. However, I think that type of problem is unlikely with Dorico, so that is just me being a little overly cautious (or paranoid). :slight_smile:

NotePerformer will indeed install the Dorico 2 version expression maps also into the Dorico 3 folder, if you run our installer again. However…

This shouldn’t pose any problem. Dorico 3 uses different filenames for the expression map, and they’re in a different folder, so the Dorico 2 version files are simply ignored. The installer we’re working on now installs both formats in tandem, for simplicity. So for reference, running our existing installer again won’t overwrite the Dorico 3 expression maps provided by Steinberg.

Thanks for the clarification, Arne.

It stopped working for me. Note Performer loads but no sounds…

I’m afraid I’m having this experience, as well, and when I try to activate playback, the green playback line stays on the first note and I get no playback at all. I can press stop but if I try playback again I get the spinning ball of death and Dorico 3 has to be forced quit. This also happens if I load another VST than NotePerformer. Strangely, playback is working normally on my MacBookPro, just not on my MacPro.