Dorico 3 crossgrade from Sibelius

In checkout trying to purchase Dorico 3 it says you can crossgrade from Sibelius, but the next step gives you a dropdown menu of crossgrade options that doesn’t include Sibelius. Anyone know why this is the case, or whether a crossgrade from Sibelius for v.3 will be available?

As far as I know, the crossgrade from Sibelius still applies. There must be a glitch on that webpage. A similar thread was opened last week, search the forum for it, or try and contact Steinberg support in your country (or probably someone from the team will contact you here)

There’s definitely no problem with crossgrading from Sibelius. Go ahead and purchase with confidence.

Ok, but when I try, Sibelius is not one of the options…any advice?

You can choose “Dorico Crossgrade from Finale”.

Hi Daniel, just a heads up, I’m seeing a few messages from users on other forums who have not crossgraded yet simply because they see the misleading “Dorico Crossgrade from Finale” and think that crossgrade from Sibelius is not possible and stop there.

Please tell those people they can go ahead. The description in the verification system will be updated in due course, if it hasn’t been already.

It‘s listed in the Steinberg shop at least on my end. See the screenshot attached.

The issue is that when you are redirected to the site where you have to upload your proof of eligibility, only Finale is listed there. The team at AskNet (who run the online shop for us) have been made aware of this and will sort it out in due course, if they’ve not done so already.

Thanks Daniel.