Dorico 3 HALion Issues


I just downloaded Dorico 3 (PC) after having a 30-day trial of Dorico 2.

I am having problems with the playback. I’m not getting any sound from the notes I have written. I had this problem with the trial version of Dorico 2 at first as well, but now I’m not sure how I was able to fix it. I used to get a pop-up upon starting up Dorico 2 that said I lacked certain softwares for playback to work, but Dorico 3 has shown me no such dialogue.

Could someone please walk me through the steps to set up Dorico 3 with audible playback?

I am also concerned that the playback software I downloaded for Dorico 2 may be interfering with Dorico 3. I’ve tried to make sure everything I had was uninstalled, but still I am not sure.


Welcome to the forum, kmacknz. You don’t need to worry that Dorico 2 is interfering with the operation of Dorico 3. Thousands of users have both products installed on their computers at the same time.

Did you download and install the ‘Sounds installer for Dorico Pro 3’ via Steinberg Download Assistant? The sounds you had installed for Dorico 2 will work with Dorico 3, but this installer includes an updated version of HALion Sonic SE 3 and also the new Olympus Choir Micro samples from Soundiron.

Try following the steps from 12:00 to about 14:30 in the Dorico playback troubleshooting video, and hopefully you’ll be up and running again.

Thank you! It is working now.