Dorico 3 hang modifying concert orchestra parts in Setup

I’m trying to create and setup a new file. I’m starting brand-new from the Concert Orchestra template from the Hub, switch to Setup to delete a few instruments (trombones, piano ), change from Clarinet in Bb to Clarinet in C, French Horns to Horn in F (No Sig), Trumpets to F (No Sig). During this process Dorico is consistently hanging as I change the instrument types, and I have to force-kill the application.

This is on a 2019 MacBook Pro.

These operations can be quite slow, even if no music is entered… Do you allow some time to Dorico? Have you tried setting up this file with the Silent template (could be faster)?

Welcome to the forum, mwyman. I’m sorry you’re experiencing a hang. As Marc, says, Setup mode operations on larger templates can take a few seconds to complete, but the software shouldn’t hang, and when the template is empty of music you should also find that each edit takes only a second or two. If you’re really finding that Dorico is actually hanging, please sample the process in Activity Monitor and zip up and attach the resulting sample.

You can run Activity Monitor via Spotlight, then find the Dorico process in the list of processes, and click the cog button at the top left corner of the window, then choose Sample Process from its menu.

If the program is really hanging, I’d guess it could be playback-related: Dorico might be trying and failing to load sounds for some reason. If you create a small project with just a single instrument, e.g. from the “Solo piano” template, can you input notes and hear them played back?

I managed to get past the setup dialog via saving every every change, and restoring several times after force-killing the app. Now it’s still hanging at other times. It does seem like it may be playback-related, as right now I can get it to hang by switching to the Play tab, disabling the VSTs, switching to Write mode, and trying to save.

To make sure I gave it enough time, I went away and did chores for 15 minutes and came back to the same spinning beachball, and my laptop fans sounding like a jet engine. I’ve attached a sample.

I don’t think it’s failing to load the sounds, though. I have a similar orchestra setup in another file converted from Dorico 2, and it loads and plays, and I’ve been able to input music to it in Dorico 3.
Sample of (25.4 KB)

It looks to my untrained eye that Dorico is just waiting for the audio engine. Could you also please sample the audio engine process in the same way? And please then zip up and provide the project file, and if you could also do Help > Create Diagnostic Report, that will produce a zip file on your desktop with some other logs, including from the audio engine, that could give us a clue as to what might be going on. Sorry for the inconvenience!

I’d love to hop in here with my hanging project. Is there a better place to submit a sample (like the Steinberg site) than this forum? Dorico crashes really frequently.
Sample of (23.6 KB)

John, can you provide a few more details about your problem? Is the problem limited to a specific project? If so, please attach that here. Please also do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here. If you can provide a bit more of a description about when the program hangs up, that would also be helpful.

I’m guessing John already did so, here: