dorico 3 hauptwerk saample set

I’m currently composing using Sibelius 7, Hauptwerk 4, and a 67-stop organ sample set. From the videos I’ve viewed Dorico’s user interface is vastly superior. However, from what I’ve viewed and read, implementing the organ sample set in Dorico 3 would appear to be a daunting task. While expression maps key switches and custom playback templates appear to be an elegant architecture, I fear I would be overwhelmed by a massive development effort to implement the playback templates that would work for this (or any large pipe organ). I’m not even sure there are enough available key switches to do a proper implementation (67 stops, numerous couplers, pistons, etc).

Today on Sibelius, I create text objects containing the midi control changes I need (e.g. ~C98 15 C99 32 C6 127 C38 128 …etc). This might appear crude, but it works. Is there a means on Dorico 3 to send “raw” midi messages such as the above? If there were, it would enable me to continue composing while I work on developing a solution the “Dorico 3” way. Are there other Dorico approaches that I should consider?


Welcome to the forum, Rob. There’s no direct equivalent of the MIDI message text you can use in Sibelius at the moment. In the future we anticipate having a special extra track in Play mode for each instrument into which you can add notes etc. that won’t appear in Write mode. In the meantime, you could add an additional staff to your organ in Write mode and write all of the necessary keyswitch notes etc. on that staff, and when you’re done, you can use Edit > Staff > Remove Staff to remove the staff; the staff will be removed, but the voice that was created for that staff will still exist and the music you input into it will still be there. I would consider this an unsupported workaround rather than an officially recommended approach, but it would work.

I really wish something like the Sibelius solution was implemented. I hate working in play mode. It’s so lacking in…context.