Dorico 3: MIDI input disappearing

I am enjoying the new features, especially the plug and play of midi devices. There is something that showed up though.
Even if I have my MIDI keyboard plugged in at all times, sometimes after getting out of the input mode (to play back what I have inputted) the midi input does not work when I get back to the input mode. Dorico echoes the notes (or not — depending on the midi thru option) but does not notate them.
Midi is getting in the computer all right, and other programs can see it if I open them.

Midi input resumes after restarting Dorico.

All the best to the team!

We have had a couple of other reports of that problem in this thread. As yet we don’t have any lead on what might be causing the problem, unfortunately, but we will of course endeavour to find a fix.