Dorico 3 no sound on Mac

have tried Device Setup and the templates.

what to try next?

Create a new piano project from template, then do ‘Help > Create Diagnostic Report’. That creates a zip file on your desktop. Please send it to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’.

in this very case. i was goofy enough to not had remembered to install the 9 GB sound install.
the problem with getting sounds out of NotePerformer3 still exists though.

For the NotePerformer issue please have a look at this thread:

Just in case it’s of any use to others who may have found no sound at first on a Mac with Dorico 3, may I offer this checklist:

  1. ensure that during installation (e.g. with Steinberg Download Assistant), you did also run the Sounds Installer, and
  2. are selecting HALion Sonic SE (HSSE3) in the VST rack (far right in Play), or
  3. if using Note Performer that you are also following these instructions from Daniel, with this slight supplement about exact paths, and
  4. make sure you have selected for either 2 or 3 in the VST rack dropdown, and
  5. have set the appropriate Default playback template in Preferences > Play, (and/)or
  6. the playback template for this session in Play > Playback Template, as well as
  7. the correct output Audio Device Setup in Preferences > Play

Then sit back and bask in the glories of Dorico 3, remembering that it was but a twinkle in Daniel’s eye barely three years ago!

It was a bit more than a twinkle in the team’s eye three years ago – for the twinkle stage you have to go back seven years. And many foundational parts of the condensing feature – not only the underlying architecture, but algorithms for determining compatibility between instruments etc. – were written before version 1.0 was released. Condensing really has been in our plans for Dorico since the very first day we sat together and had to answer the question, “So… what colour will it be?” :slight_smile:

Just glad it wasn’t purple. :smiling_imp:

Yes, of course. We remember it well :slight_smile:

At any event, a joint raising of glasses to gently setting the new baby’s head!

Thank you. I’m a total beginner in Dorico. You post was perfect and the result is successful.

Welcome, Koenraad!

Please feel free to amend and update, clarify and generally improve if your own actual experience dictates it.

Good luck - and welcome to the Dorico world!

Thank you Mark for your welcome message.
I’m coming from Sibelius : Dorico is a nice surprise !
Coming from a typography background, using daily Adobe InDesign : Dorico let me feel at house.
The absence in Dorico of some typographic features seems to me a significant lack, but I guess it will come soon.
Thanks to Dorico staff !