Dorico 3 - Pasting lyrics limitations

2 issues with that:

  1. if there is no hyphen in the copied lyrics, I can not enter one to create a melisma while pasting increamently.
    the workaround is to edit the text before pasting, and inserting hyphens.

  2. If there was a melisma (hyphen) in the copied lyrics, I can not change that when I paste.
    even if I press space or the right arrow to advance, the hyphen will still be there.

I wonder if this intentional or something that will be addressed?

congratulations for the lovely version, and thank you,

It’s not a “workaround” that you have to hyphenate the lyrics before you paste them – that’s a prerequisite for using the feature. I’m not sure why you would want not to have a hyphen in the original lyrics produce a hyphen when you paste. It seems to me – and I guess I must be misunderstanding something – that these issues are two sides of the same coin.

quanuji, why not just use something like this? Lyric Hyphenator | Juicio Brennan

In Sibelius I can copy lyrics from a lyrics page (found somewhere in the internet) and then copy the words automatic hyphenated (the correct language preselected) into my score. I thought this would be possible now in Dorico as well.
I am very disappointed that I have misunderstood this new feature and hope that this will come.

The hyphenator Dan suggested only works with Englisch text.

However. Congrats for the new version.

No, Dorico does not automatically hyphenate lyrics, and nowhere in any of the marketing materials or documentation is it suggested that it does.

Daniel, sorry for wasting your time, I was confused.

Thank you Dan for the hint with the hyphenator. This is really helpful at least for Englisch lyrics to work around the limitation of Dorico meanwhile.

Though bear in mind that the results still need checking, as they are not always optimal. (“Correct” is a moveable feast in hyphenation.)

It still splits “legend” as “leg-end”, rather than “le-gend”. The latter suggests a soft G more clearly.

The dictionary disagrees with you on this one. Though I do concede that hyphenation is not always an exact science. The online hyphenator does get “ages” wrong.

US English and British English hyphenation rules are different.

But what you need for lyrics is syllabification, not hyphenation. Hyphenation is easier, because you can just ignore the difficult syllable breaks completely.

Which dictionary? :laughing:

All of which goes to confirm that you still need to check that the auto-hyphenator’s results are what you want.

When a proofreader changes your “leg-ends” to “feet”, then you know you have REAL problems.

Thanks for the warnings :slight_smile: