Dorico 3 playback template

I just installed Dorico3, but have a playback problem. I have copied the “” file as recomended by Daniel at Steinberg. But it still doesen’t work. The system promt for a “playbacktemplate.hsse”, which is not installed. Possibly I’ve got something wrong. Please advice.

How many installers for Dorico did you run, just one? In order to hear sound during playback you need to install also HALion Sonic SE and HALion Symphonic Orchestra. They get installed with the “Dorico Pro 3 Sounds Installer”. Please download it via the Steinberg Download Assistant and run also that installer.

The file is only if you also have NotePerformer installed. It sounds like you have overwritten the files in the Dorico installation so I would recommend reinstalling Dorico.

The Dorico 3 Sounds Installer has indeed been downloaded and installed. that is; an error message occured when unzipping: Error 0x80010135; “The path is too long”.
For this reason I had to skip som of the files when unzipping the archive.

Are people who are having these problems using the Steinberg Download Assistant? That process has seemed so straightforward to me and avoids having to unzip, etc.

  • Update the SDA as Administrator
  • Choose the Dorico Icon on the Left
  • Download each file by pressing the button
  • As each finishes downloading, press the Open button

I realize I could be missing something; perhaps not everyone has access to the Download Assistant, but for me it is the way to go.

I am indeed using the Steinberg Download Assistant (latest version). The installation is an upgrade from Dorico 2 pro, an the
HALion Sonic SE and HALion Symphonic Orchestra is already installed. In the SDA there are three items: Dorico 3 Application installer, the sounds installer (9,25 Gb), and version history. Alle are marked green, and installed. I have reinstalled the application installer as an administrator.
Installs 2 files on the computer, of which one is a zip file. From there on it has to be done manually.
Perhaps something went wrong during the download?

Don’t be misled by SDA showing that something is “installed”: it has no idea whether anything is installed. It can only tell whether something has been downloaded. I suggest you run the sounds installer again to be on the safe side. The sounds installer is indeed delivered as a zip file, so you first have to actually unzip it (right-click and choose Extract… from the context menu) rather than just double-clicking to go inside it, as it won’t install properly unless you first extract it, then run the installer from the extracted folder.

When the Download buttons changes to an Open button, doesn’t clicking that do all the extracting, etc. for you? Perhaps my memory is failing me, but I do not recall going through all these extra steps post-SDA.

I am using the latest version of the SDA. Yes, I am familiar with the proceeding to unpack the zip file, and run the setup file. (Although I was under the impression that when using the SDA, this should not be necessary).
I have even deleted the imported Sound Installer file, and imported (9,25Gb), unzipped it and run the setup file once again. However, same result as before. (During the unzip, I had to skip 3 files (instruments) because the “path was too long”. Just as the first time).
Dorico 2 pro works nicely, and for the time being I stick to that version. But I’ve made a “Diagnostic Report” which I will be forwarding. Hoping that we will Dorico 3 to operate nicely with the fullness of time.

David, it would be helpful to get hold of logs from the installer as well, since we need to find out why it’s complaining that the paths are too long. Can you please try running the sounds installer again via the command line options for creating log files? Run this command from a command prompt, after changing to the directory where the unzipped installer resides:

msiexec /i "setup.msi" /L*v "log.log"

(I can’t remember what the exact name of the .msi file is, but replace setup.msi above with the actual name of the installer.)

This should produce a log file called log.log that you can zip up and attach here.

There are two “msi” files, the “HalionSonicSE.msi” and the “LibraryManager.msi”. In addition there is the “setup.exe” file which, I suppose, is the one we run when i windows.
Which one of the msi files do you want me to run?

Please run both of them, since both of them would be run by Setup.exe. You could try running msiexec with the Setup.exe file, but I’m not sure whether or not msiexec can correctly run the Setup.exe bootstrap part of a Windows installer package – it might be worth a try, as hopefully then you would get a single log file from both packages.

The msi installer package promted for: modify, - repair - uninstall. I therefore had to uninstall both the Halion~1.msi and librar~1.msi. Then restarting the computer and installing both packages from the command promt. There were no error messages.
When trying to start Dorico 3 afterwards, i got a message that: " som vital components was missing". Otherwise Dorico 3 performed as before, playback.
When attemting to attach the log file (log.log) to this message, I got a message saying that the file was invalid(??). I will send the file from MySteinberg support, og by an e-mail.
The file should be opened in notebook.

Please send the log file to me by email at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.

It’s done.

I’ve downloaded the last Version of Dorico 3, and even gone through the Device settings. I have wrongly assumed that the device settings were inherited from Version 2. This was not the case, and I have corrected this.
The playhead is now moving, and the sound seem to be OK:

Tank You!