Dorico 3 question: (very) low notes in treble clef for piano

Hello everyone,

Most probably I have a typical PEBKAC-issue here: I’m copying a piece of piano music (I’m not playing the piano at all) and I’m trying to insert a very low note into the treble clef (see attached screenie - the yellow note).
treble clef.JPG
Unfortunately the note always “slips” to the bass clef and then sounds an octave higher than intended.

Is there any chance to convince the note to stay in the treble clef? (I’m using Dorico Pro 3.1., German localization)

Thanks for your help and best wishes, Ralf

Select the middle C above it, Shift-I, -5.

Hi Dan,

Thank you so much for your quick and helpful response - problem solved!

Best, Ralf

It sounds, Ralf, like you might be using mouse input: you’ll be quicker in the long run if you can start to learn input using the computer keyboard, or even quicker with a MIDI keyboard if you have one – even if you can’t play the piano, if you can pick out individual notes and chords on the keyboard, that can quickly become a very efficient way to input music.

Thank you, Daniel, you are completely right - I’m using mouse input at the moment. It is probably time now to invest in a MIDI keyboard…