Dorico 3 SE activation


I am trying to install Dorico 3 SE in a computer, iMac, I get this message from the License Activation window:
The Soft-elicenser stored in this computer doesn’t seem tu have been created on this computer. Please contact your software vendor to solve this issue.

Please help

Did you migrate from one computer to another? That might be one possible cause for this error message.

You will need to make sure that your Soft-eLicenser number is registered in MySteinberg so that you can use the ‘Reactivation’ feature there to retrieve the licenses that are currently on your Soft-eLicenser. Then you’ll need to trash and recreate your Soft-eLicenser, but first, before I tell you how to do that, please confirm that you have gone to MySteinberg and ensured that your present Soft-eLicenser is correctly registered to your MySteinberg account.

Hello Daniel,

yes my Dorico 3 license is activated on mySteinberg page

Go to /Library/Application Support/Syncrosoft Soft-eLicenser and move the file SeLicenser.sel out of the way. Then download and run the eLC Installation Helper from this page. Run eLCC again after running the helper and you should see that you have a new empty Soft-eLicenser there. Now go to MySteinberg and click the big red Reactivation button, then follow the steps to get replacement activation codes for the licenses that were previously on your Soft-eLicenser.

Be warned: if this goes wrong you will be out of luck until you can get in touch with our support team during office hours. So think carefully befoe you proceed!

Dear Daniel,

Thank you for your email explaining all the details.

I have been able to install and authorise Dorico SE on my iMac. It is a great tool you are giving for free to everyone, that is really great. It will help to spread the “Dorico word” out and for people to get a taste of “the real thing on software notation”

Also, could you direct me to where it is explained how to change my Soft-eLicenser authorisation from my laptop to my iMac. I am afraid to make a mistake and loose Dorico.

Thank you Daniel for everything. Dorico keeps shining in every update!

All the best

I have been trying to set the iMac with a trial version with no success. The email never arrived. I don’t know how legal, honest, that would be since I already have Dorico 3.1. I used a different email and id. But in any case, I never got the email with the authorisation code.

Set me straight if that is something I should never attempt again, or if is something legal.

Thank you Daniel.

At the moment the system won’t give the same user more than one activation code, though I’ve asked the digital team to try to change this. It might take a little while, though. However, I’m happy to provide you with an additional SE activation code. You don’t need to add another SE code if you already have Dorico Pro on that computer, though: you can start Dorico as Dorico SE by holding Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac) at start-up.

Hi Daniel,

It would be great if you can provide me with an additional SE activation code.

Thank you