Dorico 3 SE - spacing issue on first page

Hi guys,

Please take a look at the picture attachment. Dorico is creating a huge empty space after the 2nd Staff Line system. Is it possible to space out the first pages 2 systems, or get the 2nd pages first system to move over to the 1st page. Please note I am using Dorico 3 SE.

Thank you.

Since you don’t have access to Engrave mode in Dorico SE, I think you’ll need to look at Layout Options (Shift-Ctrl-L) and see if you can tweak the sizes and margins there. Maybe reducing the page margins by a few mm will do the trick.

Okay thank you, that helped a bunch. I am seriously looking at upgrading to the PRO edition. I need that engrave mode. :slight_smile:

Absolutely worth it. It’s amazing how fast you can work, how little you need to change from the automatic results, and how easy it is to achieve the few things you do need to do manually.

In this case, Layout Options—Vertical spacing. Lower the percentage for vertical justification between systems.

But yes, once you get the pro version, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!